A woman's rant about her elderly neighbour mowing his lawn at 9am on Easter Monday has sparked a furious debate on social media.

Christine Naylor posted her complaint on the Facebook page for the Sunny Coast Community Board and immediately attracted a barrage of criticism.

She had written that she was "astounded" that her neighbour had fired up his whipper snipper, also known as a lawn trimmer, so early on a public holiday, according to the Sunshine Coast Daily.

"It's a public holiday for God's sake," she wrote.


"He's a pensioner who has ALL day, EVERY day of the year to do lawns."

She added: "Why do it when working people might just be having a sleep in before having to return back to the daily grind tomorrow. Some people have absolutely NO CONSIDERATION."

But many took the pensioner's side - and suggested he have may have good reason to get his chores done early.

"He is old for Christ's sake, no one at any age would want to be mowing their lawn when it's hot, it's great that he is even being healthy and active," one person noted.

Others said 9am was not too early in the morning to be making noise.

One man blasted Naylor as a "blithering whinger" and said the man had every right to mow his lawn when he wanted.

But some had empathy for Naylor's plight and said they could relate.

"People do need to be more considerate," one man commented.

However, by 11am on Monday, Naylor's original post had been removed from Facebook, although it was not immediately clear if it was deleted by her or the page's admin.