The Russian defence ministry has released footage of the Syrian airbase hit with US airstrikes, amid claims nine people, including four children, were killed.

Video from the Russian forces posted online shows fires blazing and some damage at Shayrat military airbase in Homs province.

Russia claims 23 of the 59 US missiles launched hit their target with six Syrian jets were destroyed during the "massive missile strike".

Meanwhile other video on social media posted by a journalist working for Russia 24 shows damage to plane shelters on the ground.


Unverified footage posted on his social media accounts shows damage to plane shelters but some planes still in tact. A video aired on Syrian state TV also claimed to show the moment the strikes hit, with large flashes and bangs seen in the night sky.

The US launched 59 missiles in the strikes on Thursday evening in a shock move by US President Trump following a devastating chemical attack at Khan Sheikhoun.

The decision from America's new Commander-in-Chief came 77 days into his presidency, after Russia used their veto on a United Nations Security Council resolution calling for an investigation into the chemical atttack.

Syrian state media claims four children are among nine civilians killed. The SANA news agency said five people were killed just outside the base at a village, while four more died in neighbouring villages of Al-Hamrat and Al-Manzul.

International leaders from the UK, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, New Zealand and NATO, among other countries have supported the US air strikes.

President Trump's plan following the attack remains to be seen, however some Republicans say he should use the opportunity to strike at President Assad's remaining defences.