Donald Trump's job approval rating has hit a new low at 37 per cent, rounding out a difficult week for the president.

According to the most recent statistics from Gallup, disapproving sentiments of Trump's performance have been steadily declining throughout the last month, the Daily Mail reports.

The ratings come in the wake of his administration struggling to garner support for the American Health Care Act which was published last week.

The Gallup polls are based off of daily surveys with about 1,500 individuals who are asked about their feelings regarding Trump's presidency.


They estimate their margin of error is plus or minus three percentage points.

Amongst Jewish Americans, the site reports an even lower approval rate of just 31 per cent.

The Trump administration announced on March 6 their new healthcare plan which would replace Obamacare, which the president touted as a failure.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said: "The American Health Care Act is a plan to drive down costs, encourage competition, and give every American access to quality, affordable health insurance.

"It protects young adults, patients with pre-existing conditions, and provides a stable transition so that no one has the rug pulled out from under them."

Republicans, however, have received criticism over many aspects of the legislation, which will go to a vote on Thursday.