A 4m crocodile probably killed a Cairns spearfisherman whose body has been found after he went missing in north Queensland waters at the weekend.

A search for 35-year-old Warren Hughes began after his dinghy and speargun were found off Palmer Point, just north of Innisfail, on Saturday evening.

Police pulled his body from the waters south of Palmer Point today and say initial investigations suggest he was taken by a large crocodile.

Wildlife rangers and police will search for the crocodile before culling it.


It's believed to be the second crocodile attack in two days in far north Queensland.

In a separate incident yesterday, a Queensland teen was mauled by a croc after acting on a foolish boast to swim at night in a croc-infested river in Innisfail.

He is considered incredibly lucky to be alive and is recovering in hospital after undergoing surgery on his badly mauled arm.

Last month, another spearfisherman was attacked by a shark in far north Queensland.

Glenn Dickson, 25, lost his leg after he was mauled at a fishing spot known as The Rock, near Hinchinbrook Island, south of Innisfail.

Dickson was lucky that he was not alone when he was attacked.

His friends were hailed as heroes after getting him out of the water fast, applying a life-saving tourniquet and getting him to shore.