It's supposed to be an every day boat ride for commuters, not a trip on the ferocious high seas.

But that's exactly what passengers on Sydney's iconic Manly Ferry got on the weekend.
A series of amazing images were captured of monster waves crashing onto the deck of the Freshwater vessel on Saturday by deck hand and photographer Haig Gilchrist as a low pressure system swept across coastal NSW.

One shot shows a wave crashing over the ferry's bow swamping the front of the ship and sending white water gushing into an outdoor area usually full of tourists snapping the Sydney sights.

Another, even more dramatic image, appears to show a wall of water suspended in midair about to engulf one of the outdoor decks.


The Manly Ferry, which travels from Circular Quay, adjacent to the Sydney Opera House, to the seaside suburb, is a key link in the city's transport network and a must-experience tourist attraction.

Usually a placid ride, the trip can get choppy as the ferry passes between the North and South heads leading out to the Pacific Ocean.

One person commenting on Mr Gilchrist's photo said: "On big days we used to get rain gear on and go out on the bow as she crashed through the Heads. Waves crashed all the way up to the upper windows and bridge.

"Don't think they allow that anymore."

Despite the waves, the Manly Ferry service completed its journey without incident.