What's your idea of fun?

Hanging out with your friends? Clubbing? Regular visits to Chessington World of Adventures?

Well, whatever it is, we're pretty much certain it's a lot more sensible than what these two guys in China have been getting up to.

In a video shared by China's People's Daily, the men can be seen standing in a street brandishing massive fireworks, which they then light, before charging around as they fire noisy pyrotechnics at one another.


It is, needless to say, spectacularly dangerous, and should not be replicated by anyone, ever.

Accoring to People's Daily the firework fight took place during the ongoing Spring Festival marking the Chinese New Year.

Fireworks have traditionally been set off during celebrations to represent the driving away of evil spirits.

Shanghai banned all fireworks inner-city areas this year, for the first time ever, to counter rising air pollution.

In the early 90s Beijing imposed a firework ban during the Spring Festival due to concerns about public safety, but the ban was rescinded in 2005.