This is the gruesome moment a bull's head was ripped to the bone by a shoal of bloodthirsty piranhas.

The fish tore into the animal's flesh after it was dipped into the murky waters of the Amazon river by a local man standing on a gondola.

The daredevil raised the head out of the water to reveal the fish gorging on the meat just inches away from his unprotected hands.

Piranhas can attack humans too but thankfully did not decide to take a bite out of him.
The footage of the extraordinary feeding frenzy was posted on YouTube, where it has been viewed more than seven thousand times.


Every year hundreds of piranha attacks are reported throughout South America.

The most notable piranha incident in recent times came in Argentina in December 2013, when an attack by a school of hungry piranhas saw 70 people injured and several children lose fingers and toes.

In February a six-year-old girl died after she was eaten by piranhas when her canoe capsized in Brazil.

The girl had been on a family holiday with her grandmother and other children when she fell into the water in Rio Maicuru in Monte Alegre.

By the time she was pulled from the water, the killer fish had stripped all the flesh from her legs.