Californians are looking to make a hasty exit from the United States now that Donald Trump is president.

Momentum is reportedly building towards "CalExit" as the state prepares for a Trump presidency, the vast majority of which voted Hilary Clinton for President.

Support for the Democrat candidate was so strong Clinton's final tally at 8,753,788 was almost double that of Trump's at 4,483,810.

Now, as Donald Trump officially takes office and begins quickly pushing through a number of controversial policies, including building a wall along the Mexican border and ridding the country of overstayers - others are just as quickly looking to cut ties with the United States.


US media have been reporting the California Secretary of State Alex Padilla has given a nod to the Yes California Independence Campaign to begin collecting signatures needed to put the issue of secession on the ballot.

There needs to be 585,407 signatures collected within the next 180 days for it to make the November 2018 ballot, where voters will get to choose if they want to have the opportunity to make the state a nation in its own right.