A woman has successfully sued her local council for £35,000 after accusing them of failing to investigate claims she was raped by her foster father when she was just six years old.

The alleged abuse survivor, who is now 24 and has chosen to remain anonymous, told The Sun she was unable to press criminal charges against her foster father because of a lack of evidence.

She blamed Peterborough Council for 'ignoring' her claims at the time.

She was left in her alleged attacker's care despite telling her foster mother she had been abused from the age of six to nine.


Her school is also said to have contacted the council and NSPCC regarding the alleged abuse but the lawsuit found the charity was unable to 'do any work because of staffing levels'.

"It's so frustrating, there is so much evidence. My foster mum even found a drawing I made when I was a kid and at the bottom it said "I don't like it when my daddy has sex with me"," she told The Sun.

The woman's complaint was lodged through London-based solicitors Farley's.

"There was enough evidence available and PCS should have asked why she did not want to be with her foster dad.

"She feels Social Services messed around and missed opportunities to protect her," the complaint said.

The girl claimed she would hide under the table to escape her foster father and he would "slap and sexually abuse her."

The sexual abuse is said to have continued for three years.

MailOnline has contacted Peterborough City Council for comment. An NSPCC spokesman told MailOnline "we are unable to comment on individual cases."

Lou Williams, service director for children and safeguarding for Peterborough City Council, told The Sun she was sorry about the case and reassured that "practice standards are continually improving and foster carers now face much more stringent assessments, training and support."

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