A young family in Melbourne has been the victim of an appalling racial tirade where they were repeatedly told to "f*** off" and called "wogs".

The man that verbally abused them appeared to be aged in his 40s, caucasian and shirtless - and holding a bottle of alcohol.

The incident happened on Thursday night at Harmony Park, in Coburg, in Melbourne's north.

Ahmed Abou-eid, a father-of-four, was at the park with children when the man emerged from some bushes and began the verbal assault.


"Where are you from, Greece? Where...where," he demanded. Now f*** off you wog f***," the man told the family.

"What are you going to do?" the man then asked Mr Abou-eid as he tried to intimidate him.

He then repeatedly told them to "f*** off" as he passed around glaring at the family.

Mr Abou-eid told him, "You go back now, you've made your point," as he began filming what was happening.

It was at that point - as children nearby became increasingly scared - the man began speaking to a woman with Mr Abou-eid in a headscarf.

"Piss off you s***. Get your f***ing b**** out of the f***ing story," he can be heard on the confronting video, which Mr Abou-eid posted on Facebook.

The phone was almost knocked from Mr Abou-eid's hand by the man when he threw a punch at him.

The video has already been viewed tens-of-thousands of times.

The man was clutching a bottle as he confronted the family. Photo / Facebook
The man was clutching a bottle as he confronted the family. Photo / Facebook

In a message posted with the video, Mr Abou-eid said the man was "definitely a Pauline Hanson supporter" and was sorry young kids had been exposed to "such a filthy racist".

n the video he referred to the man as a "typical Australian" before clarifying his comments.

"I apologise for using the term Typical Australian, I consider myself Australian as I was born in this country and very proud to be Australian. When you have an idiot throwing racial abuse at you and your kids you don't really have the time to really think about what you say. Typical racist Australian would have been more of the right thing to say. I apologise if this has offended some people."

Mr Abou-eid told The Herald Sun it wasn't the first time his family had been subjected to racial abuse, but it was the worst.

"We just want people to be tolerant and stand against these people," he said.

Police were called to the park and took the man away.