A young Parisian has learnt the hard way that he needs to respect parking rules after police bomb squad officers blew the bonnet off his €150,000 ($225,000) Porsche when he left it overnight at a taxi rank.

The 25-year-old went out for an evening of dancing in the chic sixth arrondissement of the city last Thursday but got frustrated when he couldn't find a parking spot for his powerful Porsche 911 Carrera S.

The man, named only as Olivier by Le Parisien newspaper, spotted a space at a taxi rank and decided to leave it there, with the hazard lights flashing, while he went to a nearby Left Bank nightclub.

He later decided he had had too much to drink and took a taxi home.


But police, who are on the lookout for possible car bombs after a spate of terror attacks in France over the past year and a half that left more than 200 dead, called in bomb disposal experts when they spotted the suspicious vehicle.

In September, police found a car with its hazard lights flashing near Notre Dame cathedral which contained gas canisters and which they believed was intended for use in a terror attack.

When the bomb disposal experts arrived at the black Porsche late morning last Friday, they were taking no chances.

They attached a small amount of explosives to its bonnet and blew it open before ascertaining that there was no bomb in the vehicle.

Olivier arrived at the scene a short time later and was astounded - and furious - to find his sports car badly damaged.

"They (police) contacted the leasing agency I bought the car with, then called me, and I explained the situation," he told Le Parisien, admitting that he shouldn't have parked at a taxi rank.

"I apologised and said I would go there immediately. But obviously they didn't take this into account, because the bonnet was already blown up by the time I arrived," he said, adding that he was considering legal action against the police.