Hillary Clinton has revealed the emotional impact of her election loss, saying she wanted to "never leave the house again".

In her first public speech since last week's shocking presidential loss, Clinton told the audience; "Coming here tonight wasn't the easiest thing for me to do."

She said has had times since the election loss when she wanted to "just curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again".

She also told of why she decided to get into the public service.


"I didn't get into public service to hold high office," she said.

"Forty-five years ago that would have seemed an absolutely wrong-headed view. But I did decide to be an activist to use my law degree to help kids."

She also addressed the aftermath of the election result.

"The divisions laid bare by this election run deep," she said.

"But please listen to me when I say this: America is worth it ... never ever give up.

"I still believe that we can make the impossible possible."

She also spoke about the issue of child poverty in America and the efforts to address the issue under the Obama administration.

"We are stronger together when we are lifting each other up," she said.


"There are poor children of every race and ethnicity.

"They deserve the attention and efforts of everyone of our elected representatives and leaders."

Ms Clinton also addressed the issue of gun violence and deportation fears among immigrant.

"We have to ask ourselves, what are we doing to give them the safe and healthy lives that they deserve".

"So I urge you, don't lose heart, don't give up on the values we share," she said.
"There is work to be done in every community, debates to be joined in town halls and city capitals"

Her speech - which is part of the Children's Defense Fund's "Beat The Odds" Gala - will be part reflection, part pledge to remain strong in the face of a Trump administration, according to an aide.

Ms Clinton started her career as an intern at the organisation, which advocates on behalf of kids.