Over the last year, a six-foot-tall white rabbit (or, more accurately, a man in a rabbit costume) has been turning up in the same spot in west London on the first day of the month

With a colourful striped scarf around his neck, he appears close to Barnes bridge, where he waves at motorists, sometimes while props or wearing themed additions to his rabbit costume.

A little googling discovers he has his own Facebook page - I AM White Rabbit - where he describes his raison d'etre as being "spreading un-conditional love." His philosophy, he says in sage-like tones, is "just to be present, nothing else other than being."

The Facebook page features a number of photos and videos of the white rabbit wandering around the place - and it turns out that Barnes Bridge isn't his only hangout.


His online biography mentions that he's appeared at a royal wedding in London, at the Tate Modern and the Chinese embassy, where he campaigned against the detention of the artist Ai Weiwei, and at Supernorma l festival in Oxfordshire.

A little further digging reveals that white rabbit is the alter-ego of Spike McLarrity, a "live art durational performance artist".

"My work deals with my own autobiography," he writes, adding that his appearances as the white rabbit aim to "find a new way to reach a different audience and to bring fine art and performance together."