Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte has been ruthless in his crackdown on suspected drug dealers in his country and now he has banned smoking.

Duterte, known as the "The Punisher" for his extreme policies, had already stamped out smoking in the city where he used to be mayor.

But now he has taken the ban nationwide.

The national restrictions will be along the same lines as those set in Duterte's old municipality of Davao.


"There will be no smoking in public places anymore, whether indoor or outdoor," Health Secretary Paulyn Ubial said.

"Parks, bus stations, and even in vehicles. All these are considered public places."

It is still yet to be finalised how the ban will work with regards to vendors and designated smoking areas in the country, but it is likely these will be phased out over time.

Ubial was unconcerned when she was asked whether Duterte was concerned the big tobacco industries would react angrily to the move.

She just shrugged in reply, The Philippines Star reported.

"It is up to you to oppose. It is already the President you will be fighting against," Ubial said.

Reportedly some 3,600 people have been killed since Duterte came to power at the end of June after the president waged a ruthless war on the country's drug users and pushers, with many left dying in the streets.