A Domino's customer was stunned to receive US$5000 ($6868) in cash instead of her order.

Selena Avalos, from San Jose, California, ordered chicken wings from the fast-food restaurant but could not believe what she found when she opened the box.

The honest customer contacted Domino's about their mistake but Avalos said it took a surprising amount of time for staff to get back in contact with her about the missing cash.

"Wouldn't they be thinking, 'where did that money go?'", she said to ABC 7 KGO. "Right away or maybe the next day, but three days later. Still nothing... that's crazy."


"I was like, I can't keep it, it's a crazy amount of money," she added. "It's not like $20 that you find, you know? It's almost $5000."

The money was collected after the pizza shop's manager got in touch with her and arranged for it to be picked up.

She received a reward for her honesty: the outlet offered her free pizza for a year and her own manager gave her a week off work.