A notorious people smuggler has been arrested for a third time by Indonesian police.

Captain Bram, whose real name is Abraham Louhenapessy, was found in West Jakarta on Friday and taken into custody for attempting to smuggle a boat load of people to New Zealand in May 2015, according to a report by The Daily Telegraph.

He is believed to have organised smuggled as many as 1500 people into Australia as far back as 1999.

'Abraham is known to be an old player in human trafficking,' a police official said.


Immigration Minister Peter Dutton praised the Indonesian National Police for stopping Captain Bram from risking the lives of vulnerable people.

'The arrest of Captain Bram demonstrates the success of offshore deterrence efforts, but we need to remain vigilant because people smugglers will do almost anything to convince vulnerable people to part with their money and get onto a leaky boat,' Mr Dutton said.

'This is why we have reinforced our on water capabilities to ensure that illegal people smuggling boats will not make it to Australia,' he added.

Louhenapessy was jailed for 20 months over an attempt to smuggle 83 Sri Lankans to Australia in 2007, according to a report by the Herald Sun.

Another attempt in 2009, saw him arrested and fined for attempting to smuggle 250 Sri Lankans, including 31 children on small boats en route to Christmas Island.