Chien Hoang received a text message from his friend. A few hours later he was dead.

It was 2011 and Hoang had been living in Melbourne for about two years.

He moved in with his girlfriend in 2010 and he was making a life for himself after moving to Australia from Vietnam.

But he had a jealous streak and, in early June 2011, he began thinking his girlfriend was having an affair with Minh Thao Nguyen.


On June 12 that year, Hoang received a text message that resulted in his murder.

On Saturday, June 11, about 11.30pm, Nguyen and his friends showed up at the Bubble nightclub, a hotspot down a dark alley near King St, one of Melbourne's most notorious party strips.

About three hours later, Hoang's phone buzzed and he had a text from a friend who told him Nguyen was at the club and was looking for trouble.

"He asked about you. I am swearing/abusing him," the text read.

Hoang decided to go to the club to confront Nguyen.

According to a report from the Coroner's Court of Victoria, 15 minutes after receiving the text, Hoang went to a United petrol station and bought a screw driver.

He then went to Bubble nightclub just before 3am.

Nguyen and his friends decided the leave the club but Hoang slapped one of the friends in the face and pulled out his screw driver, the coroner's report said.

Nguyen then produced a knife and lunged at Hoang and drove it into the side of his neck.

Hoang suffered three stab wounds and dropped to the ground, holding his neck.

Police and ambulance officers rushed to the scene and he was taken to hospital.

Despite emergency surgery, Hoang died almost exactly 12 hours after receiving the text message from his friend.

The Coroner's report said blood samples taken from Hoang before he died had traces of drugs, including amphetamine and methamphetamine. No alcohol was detected.