The world watched in horror as SpaceX's Falcon 9 burst into flames on the Cape Canaveral launch pad during a routine check for its long awaited trip to space to launch a Facebook satellite last week.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said the blast originated around the upper stage oxygen tank, but what caused it still remains a mystery.

However, conspiracy theorists have developed a different theory after seeing 'an anomaly' pass over at the same time as the blast and suggest an alien air strike sabotaged the mission.

The 604-tonne rocket was being fueled with a concoction of liquid oxygen and rocket-grade kerosene propellant when the upper region burst into flames.


The entire craft was engulfed in what seemed like seconds, including Facebook's $200 million communication satellite that was specifically designed to bring internet to Africa.

And although Flalcon 9's creators are baffled by the turn of events, a new theory has emerged that could provide answers.

Since the explosion, YouTube videos have been surfacing that highlight a mysterious anomaly passing over Falcon 9 as it sits on the launch pad before, during and after the explosion, Daily Express reported.

Slow video revealed a black object flying over the rocket at the moment it met its fate. Photo / YouTube / Graphics King
Slow video revealed a black object flying over the rocket at the moment it met its fate. Photo / YouTube / Graphics King


posted footage yesterday and slowed down the video to reveal a black object flying over the rocket at the moment it met its fate.

Alien hunters, Martian researchers and the non-believers have all flocked to the video in order to state their opinions of what this mysterious object might be.

Some firmly believe the rocket exploding was not a mechanical error, but an attack from another world.

"I am pretty sure this is not the first time they hit us. I saw another rocket in flight (right after lift off), being destroyed by a saucer,' a users by the name of 'UFO Hunter' shared.

"I guess these rockets look too much like ICBMs with a big fat bomb attached to the tip!
'The Aliens are trying to put an end to nuclear missiles and war."

Another shares: "That bug is at least going 3,600mph minimum. Its not a bird, its an Alien with a laser that destroyed the rocket."

However, others have chimed in to debunk the theory of extraterrestrials.

"Sadly it was just a bird flying past, if you watch the normal speed video, there are birds flying past start to end," Richard Edwards shares.

One individual claims to have seen the extraterrestrial vehicle hover over Falcon 9 with their own eyes.

A Reddit user by the name of 'rainbowfish4' claims to be one of the welders at Kennedy Space Center who was working on the launch and submitted a post following the explosion.

Rainbow24 states there were strange lights that appeared 'in the sky above the pad' while they were getting ready for the launch.

"About 20 minutes before launch there was an impression in the cloud (its rainy here) of an oblong shape you could almost see the blue sky through it then 3 white lights appeared in the center of it and then just appeared with a blink of an eye they were visible for maybe 20 seconds.

The Reddit users continues to explain that just 20 minutes after the bizarre sighting, the rocket exploded.

However, staff is not permitted to have their phones while in the hanger due to 'safety reasons', so no pictures or footage was captured of the bizarre claim.