It's a world that dreams and movies are made of.

But the possibility of producing $500 notes, sinking battleships or doing anything possible in a board game has never been realistic - until now.

When an American man was arrested during a protest on Wednesday, he reached into his pocket and produced a card from the world's most famous board game.

Taking to Reddit to share his hilarious story, the man told how he had handed the 'get out of jail free' card from Monopoly to the policeman after being arrested in Iowa.


"I was arrested at a protest Wednesday," the man began his post.

"The trooper asked me what was in my pockets. He didn't believe me."

However, he was telling the truth.

Photos of the evidence bag containing a written description of the card show how serious the man was in his attempts, despite some on Reddit questioning its legitimacy.

"Evidence Bag - when they emptied my pockets they put everything in here," he captioned the photo.

'Don't leave home without it.'

Unfortunately for the anonymous poster, his decision to take a 'chance' at avoiding conviction didn't work,but he did manage to draw a wry smile from the officer.

"He laughed. Then he tightened the zip cuffs," the man wrote.

While the incident was quite the laughing matter, he made fellow Reddit users aware that the reason he was protesting was not.

The man was among a group protesting the building of an oil pipeline in Iowa, when he was arrested.

He alleged land for the pipeline is being taken from farmers and Native Americans.

"It's immoral, unconstitutional, and unnecessary," the man wrote.

"30 people including myself were charged with trespassing for blocking vehicles at a construction staging area."

After being taken into custody and charged with trespassing, the man was only released after paying a bond of USD$300 - seemingly into a Community Chest.

He didn't mention whether he'd earlier tried to roll doubles to escape for free.