A two-year-old toddler was found crying outside his home after his parents allegedly left him alone to go play Pokemon Go, authorities said.

Brent and Brianne Daley, of San Tan Valley, Arizona, were arrested and charged with child endangerment after Pinal County Sheriff deputies found the boy barefoot and wearing only a diaper and T-shirt outside the home.

The Daleys admitted to leaving their child while he was sleeping to play the augmented reality game, which requires users to find Pokemon in real-world locations.

Reports claim the boy was left alone anywhere from 90 minutes to two hours, according to NBC 12 News and KTAR News.


At some point the boy exited the home while distraught in temperatures of approximately 95 degrees and was spotted around 10.30pm.

Neighbours called police saying there was a crying toddler and that he was attempting to get back inside the home but was unable to open the door.

The neighbour reported the parents of the boy did not appear to be home.

When officers arrived they brought the child inside the unlocked home where they waited with him until the Daleys returned.

Officers were able to identify they were in the child's rightful home by pictures of him in the house.

While they waited they called a number the found inside and a man answered.

Deputies told the man they found a child but the man allegedly responded with "whatever" before hanging up.

The Daleys returned an hour after police arrived and were taken into custody.


They told officers they went to fill their car with gas and drove around the neighborhood a few times playing the game.

The Arizona Department of Child Safety has since taken over care of the boy.