A bizarre call by Sky News UK's crime reporter Martin Brunt has caused outrage online.

The incident occured during a segment on church security in Britain following the attack on a French priest last week.

Footage shows a sombre Brunt outside a church discussing the lack of security.

"In fact this sign at the church door says 'everybody is welcome'," Brunt explains.


Stepping briefly into the building, Brunt returns and deadpans to the camera: "There are about a dozen worshippers in there and one priest. If I was a terrorist, I could've killed them all."

The footage immediately raised eyebrows, and Brunt has since been ridiculed.

Many are drawing comparisons to Steve Coogan's fictional reporter character Alan Partridge.

While others fancy the idea of Brunt getting a show to himself.

YouTube commenters have taken to their keyboards in glee, making clever rhymes to match Brunt's "killed them all" call - many of which make more sense than this original.

C J Fuller wrote "12 people and a priest. If I were a lawyer, I could have billed them all!"

"If I was George Foreman, I could've grilled them all," added Josh Wadey.

While user Luke Rogers wrote of Brunt: "I'm going to panic if I see him hanging around my house tomorrow."


- Herald Online