Almost everybody has done it, pinched a couple of grapes while doing the weekly shop.

But at one Kmart store, it appears that sticky-fingered shoppers have taken it a step further, opening so many packets of Cadbury chocolate that management has been forced to bring in DVD-style security cases.

The unusual security measures are at the Reservoir store, in Melbourne's north, where blocks of chocolate are displayed in locked in individual security cases. Customers must take the locked cases to the counter to be unlocked at the point of purchase.

A security guard, who did not want his name used, said the shop had been forced to bring in the strict security measure to stop chocoholic shoppers from opening the packs to snack on while doing their shopping.


It seems the sweet-toothed thieves have a taste for the expensive stuff at the Summerhill Shopping Centre store, with only Cadbury chocolate blocks in need of protection from wandering hands.