1 Stand against Isis

Some leading French media outlets say they will stop publishing the names and images of attackers linked to Isis (Islamic State) to prevent individuals from being inadvertently glorified. The decisions come after the truck attack on a Nice fireworks display and the killing of a French priest in a church in Normandy, events in a spate of attacks France has seen since last year. Le Monde pledged to stop publishing photographs of attackers and avoid "possible posthumous glorifying effects". The newspaper already has a ban on publishing extracts of Isis propaganda. BFM-TV said it will no longer broadcast images of attackers' faces. Radio Europe-1 said it would no longer read out "terrorists' names" to "stop them being turned into heroes".

2 Clothes collateral
A drinker who could not pay his bar bill left his clothes at the pub as collateral as he headed off naked to get cash, Czech police say. The man walked through the town of Prerov in the early afternoon dressed only in ankle-length black socks, talking on a mobile phone, security camera footage posted on news website www.idnes.cz showed.

3 Media outlets closed
Turkish authorities have announced the closure of more than 130 media outlets and the dismissal of more than 2400 military personnel, CNN Turk reports, in a widening crackdown following this month's failed coup attempt. A total of 726 military officers and 1684 soldiers have been discharged, the broadcaster said. In addition, three news agencies, 16 television channels and 45 daily newspapers, among others, have been ordered to be shut down, it said.


4 Wedding tightrope
Two circus acrobats tied the knot on a tightrope during a performance in Houston. Mustafa Danguir and Anna Lebedeva got married 9m off the ground during a Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey show at NRG Stadium. The groom, wearing a white tuxedo coat, arrived on a camel and climbed a side ladder to reach the tightrope. The veiled bride rode a horse. She shed her high heels and adjusted her flowing gown to also climb a ladder to the wire. The ringmaster presided as the pair met in the middle of the wire, then exchanged vows and rings. The smiling newlyweds descended and waved to the cheering crowd as they walked away arm-in-arm.

5 Night at the Duomo

The caretakers of Milan's historic Duomo cathedral requested additional police surveillance in light of an incident in which an American tourist was locked inside overnight and the terror attack on a French church. Italian police say an American tourist spent a night locked on the spectacular rooftop of Milan's Gothic-inspired Duomo after being overlooked by security. Police said the 23-year-old man told them that he was in the toilet when security made a final pass, and found himself locked inside the landmark cathedral when he went to leave on Tuesday. He decided not to create alarm and spent the night on the spired rooftop, reporting himself to authorities when they reopened. The tourist did not face any charges. Authorities declined to identify him. Visitors entering the Duomo have long been screened by police and armed soldiers, and those wanting to reach the roof must pass through a metal detector.

6 Mugabe hits out
Zimbabwe's 92-year-old President said the longtime loyalists who turned against him last week should face "severe" punishment, and he vowed to stay in power for "a long time". President Robert Mugabe made his first public response to a scathing statement by veterans of the country's 1970's liberation war. They called him dictatorial, manipulative and egocentric. The Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association long had been quick to defend Mugabe, even with violence. Mugabe demanded new leadership for the association, claiming Western countries have infiltrated it.