1 Vitriol for Hanson

Queensland senator elect Pauline Hanson has been labelled a "racist redneck" by an Aboriginal activist at Cairns indigenous art fair. A video showing Murrandoo Yanner lambasting the One Nation leader at the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair on Saturday has attracted hundreds of thousands of views on social media. "You're just a racist redneck with your red hair. Go back to Ipswich and your fish and chip shop," Yanner says, prompting cheers from a small crowd. "You are intellectuality dishonest and you're not welcome here." A spokesman for Hanson said she would not be making a comment at this time.

2 EgyptAir data suggests fire
Data downloaded from one black box of the EgyptAir plane which crashed in the Mediterranean Sea in May suggested a fire had occurred on board. The Egypt-led investigation committee said that recordings from the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) - one of the plane's two black boxes - mentioned "fire" before the May 19 crash. "Still, it is too early to determine the reason or the place where that fire occurred," the committee added. "Additional work on the CVR and the FDR [the flight data recorder] and the recovered debris is continuing."

3 Biden in Melbourne
US Vice-President Joe Biden is touring Melbourne today after arriving in the country on Saturday night. The US politician is in Australia for a three-day tour, and will visit the newly opened Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre. He hopes to link the cancer centre with a major US cancer research initiative. The fight to cure cancer is an issue close to Mr Biden's heart, after his son Beau died of brain cancer in 2015. Biden will then attend a flag presentation and meet World War II veterans. He will also take in the state's favourite sport, heading to the Carlton vs West Coast Eagles AFL game at the MCG. He will meet Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in Sydney tomorrow.


4 SpaceX eyes new launch
SpaceX aims to launch another load of space station supplies for Nasa, including a critical docking port needed by new US crew capsules set to debut next year. The unmanned Falcon rocket is scheduled to lift off tomorrow. Excellent weather is forecast for the 4.45pm NZT launch. Aboard the rocket is a replica of the docking port destroyed in a SpaceX launch accident. This is port No. 2. Nasa needs at least one and preferably two of these ports for crew capsules under development by both SpaceX and Boeing. SpaceX will try to land its leftover booster back at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, just a couple of kilometres from the Falcon launch pad.

5 Disney intern gets job back
A Walt Disney World intern is back on the job after she was briefly fired for tweeting a photo of a sign telling employees how to respond to questions about alligators in the theme park's waters. The Orlando Sentinel reported that Shannon Sullivan was fired last week after posting the photo on Twitter. It told employees that if guests ask whether alligators live in the park's waters, they should reply, "Not that we know of". It added, "Please do not say that we have seen them before". Sullivan told her bosses that that was misleading. She posted the photo and was fired. Disney said the sign wasn't authorized and was removed. Sullivan got her job back. A 2-year-old boy was killed by an alligator at the park last month.

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