Pokemon Go has unleashed a bevy of virtual beasts across the world, and some are popping up in the oddest places - like the gravestone of one user's younger brother.

"There was a Pikachu at the grave of my little brother who loved Pikachu," a Japanese Pokemon Go user tweeted.

It's unclear whether the Twitter user is the brother of the deceased Pokemon fan, whose gravestone is sculpted in the likeness of Pikachu, or just someone who shared the photo.

The user who allegedly found the Pokemon character on the grave explains that coming across Pikachu is a rarity in the ultra-popular augmented reality game.


The Nintendo game has users walking around neighbourhoods in real life, seeking out Pokemon like Pikachu to catch and train.

Rocket News 24 reports that the tweet had Japanese Twitter users all choked up.

The Japanese news site reports that one wrote: "This is amazing. I'm crying at work."
Another tweeted: "I wonder if this was set up by the game people when they saw the Pikachu grave?"

Pokemon Go is only available in the US, Australia and New Zealand so far, but industrious users have found ways to bypass digital barriers: eager Chinese fans are buying Australian and American App store accounts on Taobao, the country's largest online marketplace.

Pokemon Go has entranced fans all over the world, having attracted an estimated 9.5 million active users since its release last month.