It was the ditty that marked the end of David Cameron's time as British Prime Minister. Then, the internet got hold of it and created a musical monster.

Cameron, after outlining his plans to exit Downing Street and transfer power to Theresa May, walked off with a musical "doo, doo, doo, doo."

Perhaps Cameron was so relieved his final address was complete he momentarily forgot himself - and that his mic was still recording.

Or maybe he was thrilled to be packing up his house and leaving the role of prime minister behind him.


Whatever the reason, Cameron's humming has left audiences bemused, and inspired an internet cacophony.

Facebook user Chris Hollis posted "Breaking: After announcing Theresa May will be PM on Wednesday, #Cameron leaks new Evil #Tory theme tune" which sounds particularly convincing.

Classic FM, a British radio station, analysed the notes titled the tune Cameron's Lament, and declared, rather hopefully, that it was "Beethoven-esque".

The New Zealand Youth Choir, currently on tour in Europe, offered a choral version of the tune.

Fans of the ditty can also rave to the club remix version which surfaced on Gawker.

Perhaps the best interpretation of all is the lush Fantasy on David Cameron.

Posted by Youtube user Thomashewittjones, the audience was blown away.

R. Goble commented "This is so good... I don't know how to feel." to which youtuber Mark Grant replied: "Try using your hands."