They are one of the world's most magnificent predators. But one beautiful polar bear has been named the saddest in the world after it was filmed locked up in an enclosure in a Chinese shopping centre.

The bear can be seen lying slumped on its side in the tiny enclosure at the Grandview Aquarium, Guangzhou, China. Punters at the shopping centre disturb the bear regularly by knocking at its cage windows and taking selfies. The cruel make-shift zoo is also home to belugas, a walrus and a wolf.

Trapped in a shopping centre in China , this Polar Bear suffers as people bang on its enclosure and pose for selfies with this magnificent animal

Charity Animals Asia have since started a petition to close Grandview Aquarium which has seen over 153,000 signatures.

Animals Asia's Animal Welfare Director Dave Neale said: 'Taking animals from their natural environments can never be defended, but when they're rehomed in conditions like we're seeing at the Grandview Aquarium it's the worst possible situation.


'While those behind this may claim this as education, it's clear the motivation here is bottom line profit. As long as businesses are allowed to use animals in this manner, wealth will always be put ahead of welfare.'