What happens in the polling booth usually stays in the polling booth. Not this time.

Australians have shared what they overheard at the polling booths and the results are both funny, sad and terrifying.

Here are some of the best posted on news.com.au's Facebook page:

Christine: "Yep, the Pirate Party sounds good. At least we know that pirates are liars, thieves and rogues."


Claire: My 4y-year-old nephew chucking a tantrum when he realised we were going 'to vote' not 'on a boat'.

Alexandra: My 3 year old crying in the line "I don't want to be here." Lady in front of us in the line: "None of us do buddy."

Taylor: "Just number the top. I don't want to count below the line. It's too hard." (Quote from an Australian Electoral Commission official)

Charie: "This senate paper is f***ing ridiculous."

Danny: "How many trees did we cut down for this?"

Alice: "When do you find out if you've won?" (little boy to his dad after he'd voted)

Jodi: "Should I put a tick or a cross in the boxes?"

Kerry: "Come here and tell mummy who to vote for."

Lachlan: "Which form do I use to vote for the president?"

Sarah: "I can't even make it to 6" (in reference to the senate paper)

Christina: A man yelling at the line-up, "You better vote for the one legalising the drugs. I just did!"

Hayley: The hungover guy next to me asking if he had to write his name on his ballot papers.

Danielle: While waiting in line to vote a little boy while pointing to a poster of Turnball yelled out, 'Hey mum! There's the guy you hate!'

Jennifer: My 4 year old telling me he was voting for the red wiggle.

Sarah: "I'm voting for SpongeBob."

Kirsty: I heard a man say "I vote animal rights and a hunting party. Give the counter something to ponder."

Sarah: "Is the Australian Sex Party the prostitutes' union."

Morgan: "Who the (expletive) is that?" (in reference to the list of candidates)

Geor: "Ouch, I got a paper cut from this stupid long white form and now I'm bleeding."

Anthony: "Wow, wow she's hot, I'll vote for her."

David: "I'll just copy yours."

Anada: "I like science, so I guess I'll vote for the Science Party."

Kathy: "There's the six I'll be voting for ... they'd do a better job," (referring to six kids' names that were hanging from the ceiling of the childcare centre where she voted)

Garrett: "Australian Sex Party - where you cum first."