Black Power members described as being part of a "crime ring" in Queensland are the subjects of a crackdown by Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton.

Police are working with Mr Dutton to expel the members from southeast Queensland, the Courier-Mail reported.

Under the Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Act, nine members have been deported.

Black Power are not listed as a declared organisation under the act and police said they did not meet the legislative threshold to be considered a serious community threat.


Members of the gang, which has a significant foothold in Logan, are known to the courts and are believed to be in a detention center awaiting deportation or serving a jail sentence.

"A subsequent decision was made to deport several of those members to New Zealand" a Queensland police spokesperson said.

Mr Dutton told the Courier-Mail "I'll do all I can to stop a notorious New Zealand street gang from gaining a foothold in Australia."

"This gang has a reputation (and) I won't tolerate foreigners who are (allegedly) involved in serious criminal activity and who are endangering people, staying in our country."

"I want our community and country to be a safer place and I will do whatever I can to make sure that happens. Protecting the Australian community is the highest priority of the Turnbull Coalition Government," he said.