She's been lauded as the Opposition Leader's secret weapon, now Chloe Shorten has taken on the role of sympathetic journalist in a peculiar new election video.

The video, released to coincide with Labor's official campaign launch in Western Sydney yesterday, shows Mrs Shorten interviewing her husband Bill about everything from his Army reserve days to parenting as the pair exchange loved up glances.

The couple also discussed Mr Shorten's mother, in a move straight from opponent Malcolm Turnbull's playbook who two weeks ago released an advertisement about his father.

"Tell me about your mum, your wonderful mother Ann and her history as a teacher and a school principal, what that gave you," Mrs Shorten asked.


Mr Shorten reflects on his days in the Army and as a lawyer in what seems to be a bid to paint him as more than a politician.

''I should have stayed in (the Army Reserve) longer," Mr Shorten said in the video.

''I was, I loved being a rifleman and learning all those skills. But somewhat fortunately Australia is guarded by really elite professional defence forces and reservists and I think to the relief

of the Army I stopped being a rifleman."

Responding to Mrs Shorten's question about how he spends his weekends, Mr Shorten said he liked to "sneak in the odd jog" and that he "generally" tried to make his wife happy.

There's a surprisingly formal tone to the video, which was filmed in a pub in Darwin.

Labor staffers enjoying a beer are visible in the background behind Mr Shorten.

It's the latest in a string of unusual campaign video released over the eight-week campaign.

Earlier this month the Prime Minister appeared in an advertisement waxing lyrical about his childhood and the influence of his father Bruce.

And Bob Katter last week attracted criticism for a video in which he shoots dead faceless members of the two major parties.