has emerged of a fire raging inside an airport bus that was transferring passengers to a terminal.

The vehicle was heading to Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand, when the driver noticed smoke starting to spew from the engine.

Flames then ripped through the bus leaving just a charred shell. The 20 passengers and the driver on board managed to escape without injury.

The dramatic clip was filmed by a passenger in another vehicle as it drove past the stricken bus, which had parked on the inside lane of the motorway.


In the footage, huge plumes of thick, black smoke billow out from the burning bus, while flames burst out of the shattered windows.

Khaosodenglish reports that firefighters 'took 20 minutes to put out the burning bus, which was consumed by the fire'.

The fire on Monday morning caused pandemonium on the highway, with three lanes closed off as firefighters battled the blaze.

Officials are investigating the cause of the incident, but Police Captain Ritthikrai Yomprakon from Lat Krabang Police Station said: "The fire started on its own, so we didn't charge anyone."