A New Zealand Idol winner yelled 'tell the boys I love them' as he was taken into custody for a string of offences.

Matthew Saunoa, 29, who won the third series of New Zealand Idol in 2006, failed to appear for a court date on the Gold Coast last month.

Police tracked down the father-of-three on Thursday night and he was refused bail when he faced court on Friday.

Saunoa's lawyer said he came to court under "unfortunate circumstances" and there was a great concern leaving him in custody, The Gold Coat Bulletin reported.


But the magistrate said police could not verify he was able to live with his parents and refused his bail application.

When he was leaving court he told his aunty, "Tell the boys I love them", according to the paper.

In 2007 Saunoa was banned from Auckland's SkyCity casino after he was seen handing cash to another man.

"They tried to tell me that I passed over money and he passed something back," he said at the time.

"I said, 'Look, I owed him money', and my story is true".

Saunoa's music career spiraled after his 2006 Idol win.

His one and only single, Hold Out, debuted on the New Zealand charts at number one, but he wasn't offered a contract to record an album.

"I got to release a single, and that was it. I just felt I was left to rot," he told the Manawatu Standard in 2010.

"After climbing what seemed an impossible mountain it felt like I had fallen and landed flat on my face."

Saunoa will be able to apply for bail again when he faces court on Tuesday.