Ahhh, it's a classic fairytale. The good villagers discover a holy angel. The good villagers worship the holy angel.

The good villagers realise the holy angel is actually a life-size not-so-holy sex toy.

When a fisherman from a small beach town in Indonesia found a seemingly lifeless body on the shore, he genuinely believed it was an angel that had fallen from heaven.

Local news organisation Pojok Satu described it as an "angel child", which was "shining white, (with) round eyes with red eyebrows."


"This angel child also was found face down, crying and naked covered only a white cloth."

The whole village of Kalupapi was buzzing with excitement - until of course those pesky police had to get involved and ruin everything with the flaccid truth.

"So it was checked by one of our team. It was a sex toy," the area's police chief, Heru Pramukarno, told local media.

The parents of the man who found the 'angel' had cared for it every day, changing its clothes and giving it a blouse and hijab as it slowly deflated.