A motorist given a parking ticket was shocked when footage from his dashboard camera showed a traffic warden moving a road cone before issuing the fine.

Father-of-two Harvey Saunders left the camera running after receiving suspicious parking tickets in Hull, East Yorkshire.

He was astonished when the footage he captured showed a warden moving a traffic cone used to mark a parking bay suspension before handing him the fine.

The council have insisted the cone was originally placed in the bay where Mr Saunders parked, but have agreed to rescind the fine after accepting it had been moved.


Mr Saunders had previously been given two parking fines which he felt had been issued unfairly, so he set his dash-cam to record after leaving his car near a suspended bay.

In the video, Mr Saunders parks his car in a bay behind the one with the cones next to it - and so believed that only the Ford parked in that space would be liable for a ticket.

But a parking warden on a moped later appears and, after taking the details of Mr Saunders's car, moves the bay suspension cone next to Mr Saunders's Vauxhall.

Mr Saunders, 41, told his local paper, The Hull Daily Mail: 'I actually caught up with him a little later, purely by accident, he was still in the area.

'I asked him about what he had done and he said, and I quote "well you shouldn't have parked there should you?".

'I told him I had recorded him moving the cone, and I was recording him now. That's when he went mad.'