In what could be the stupidest and most dangerous prank of all time, two men went to Compton and challenged strangers to fights.

When a fight had been initiated, they would strip down to reveal Borat-style mankinis, prompting bafflement and confusion.

A number of people involved took the joke fairly well, laughed it off, and walked away. But others were not so kind to idiots who were deliberately winding them up.

One man in particular didn't like the cut of their gib at all. Footage shows him walk past the men, and return into shot pointing a gun directly at their backs. Both pranksters were completely unaware a gun was pointed at them while they stripped down to their onesies.


Compton is a predominately black area of south Los Angeles known to be a flashpoint of violence and riots. A history of discrimination toward its residents prompted the Rodney King riots in 1992.

The gangs known as Bloods and Crips formed in the area and are frequently murdering each other in feuds.