And the winner of the 2016 Tour de France goes to... an Ostrich?

This is the moment one of earth's speediest birds chases after cyclists flying down an open road in Africa, and it manages to keep up the pace.

The world's fastest animal on two legs sprints along behind two riders, perhaps trying to join in with the race.

At the start of the video another rider, possibly steering a motorcycle, begins to laugh as he films the two cyclists out in front.


Then suddenly an ostrich appears over his right shoulder and starts to run after them.

Travelling behind the giant bird the man pursues the animal as it makes its way down the road at high speeds.
Feathers flailing the bird ventures off the road into the wilderness before the footage cuts out.

The flightless ostrich can reach speeds of over 40mph, and can keep up a jog at 30mph for over half an hour.

The video of the bird is trending online and has even caught the attention of British cycling champion and double Tour de France winner Chris Froome.

Perhaps the video is a rare glimpse into Team Sky's marginal gains philosophy, who Froome rides for.

Team boss Dave Brailsford is known for focusing on the tiniest of improvements to help his riders, but this would be taking things to a whole new level.

- Daily Mail