The terrifying moment a toddler walks out onto the window ledge of a third-story apartment in Brazil has been captured in a nerve-shredding clip.

In the incredible footage the little one is seen slowly making its way along the window before, in what seems like an eternity, it is grabbed and pulled to safety by a carer.

The incident was filmed by an onlooker in a suburb near the capital of Brasilia and was later posted on YouTube.

It was reported that once social workers became aware of the clip they visited the child's home, where its parents and relatives were given a warning to make their apartment safe.


According to reports by social services the child's grandfather, who lives in the home, has since put up a protective mesh wire over the window.

However, this was not in place at the time of the horrifying incident.

Local fire chief Wellington Amaral said: "Parents should always have children in their sight to be able to guarantee their safety."

"Children want to explore the world when they begin to walk and their parents should always make access to windows and other dangerous places difficult."

Social service chief Leonardo Urcini said: "We went to see the family and spoke with the child's grandfather who is the owner of the flat.

- Daily Mail