Your wrap of the world stories that broke overnight.

1. A man in Bristol who ordered a Kindle, received a patient's tumour sample instead in a courier delivery mix-up, the BBC reports. James Potten said the package inside the FedEx parcel was marked "patient tumour-specimen enclosed" and meant for the Royal Free Hospital in London.

2. The fallout from actor Sean Penn's interview with Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman continues. A federal official tells AFP that the Attorney-General's office wants to talk to Penn and Mexican actress Kate del Castillo. A White House spokesman said the "so-called interview" was "maddening" and Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio said it was "grotesque". However former US ambassador to Mexico James Jones told Sky News that maybe the Penn interview was helpful in capturing El Chapo.

3. No-one has won the largest jackpot in US history - yesterday's US$900 million Powerball draw. A single winner would have taken home about US$558 million in a lump sum prize. The jackpot will be rolled over to Thursday with an expected prize pot of US$1.3 billion.


4. Two children have been involved in home pool accidents in Sydney. A three-year-old died after collapsing by a backyard swimming pool and a two-year-old is fighting for his life.

5. France honoured the victims of Islamist attacks at a thinly-attended ceremony in central Paris. President Francois Hollande and Mayor Anne Hidalgo laid a wreath by the statue of Marianne, the symbol of the republic. Only about 2000 submitted to security checks to attend. "A year ago, lots of posters read 'Not even scared' but in fact we are scared," Gabriel Taran, 52, told AFP.

6. Arthur Simpson-Kent, 48, the fugitive partner of slain former EastEnders actress Sian Blake will be extradited to face a criminal investigation in the UK from Ghana, where he was arrested near Butre.

7. Reuters reports that long-time members of exclusive golf club Wentworth in Surrey, Britain, are upset at plans to make it a lot more exclusive by new Chinese owners. A Beijing-based firm bought the club in 2014 and plans 20 million pounds in upgrades. But members - about 4500 at present - will have to pay 100,000 pounds to remain part of the club and annual fees have doubled to a maximum of 16,000 pounds. Michael Fleming, a dentist and member for 28 years, said "my own personal feeling is they don't want us". Fleming delivered a petition signed by over 500 members to the Chinese Embassy.

8. The Guardian reports that Isis (Islamic State) ran a sophisticated immigration operation through a Syrian border town with Turkey until its defeat there in the last northern summer by Kurds. Passenger manifests seized by Kurdish commanders in Tel Abyad carry the stamps of Isis' departments of immigration and transport. Buses passed through the town with most travelling from other Isis-held territory. People submitted names, IDs, birthplaces and date of births.

9. Sky News reports on attempts to tackle the problem of harassment of women on public transport in Cairo, Egypt. Reem Fawzi has set up Pink Taxis, a women only service, using women drivers. Uber is requiring all its drivers to take anti-sexual harassment classes.

10. An Idaho mountain lion legally shot in December after it attacked a dog had a set of teeth growing out of its forehead in a case which has puzzled biologists, the BBC reports. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game says the teeth could be the remnants of a conjoined twin which died in the womb or possibly a tumour.