Jewish shoppers in London were targeted by neo-Nazis who bombarded them with laughing gas canisters while shouting "Hitler is on the way".

According to the Daily Mail, witnesses say two men and one woman had nitrous oxide canisters thrown at them by three men who drove by in a van.

Jewish neighbourhood watch group Shomrim said the men shouted "Heil Hitler" at the trio.

The anti-Semitic attack occurred outside a shop in the Tottenham Hale Retail Park in north London.


Shomrim volunteer Michael Blayer said the shoppers were recognised by the distinctive clothing worn by Orthodox Jews.

He said they were targeted purely because of their religion.

"The verbal abuse was disgusting, and small objects were thrown towards the victims, making them fear for their immediate safety.

"Shomrim are supporting the victims. The incident has been reported to the Metropolitan Police, I have absolute confidence in our local police that this will be thoroughly investigated."

Police were contacted by a man who alleged he was the victim of an anti-Semitic remark and have arranged for him to make a statement.