Double-check the heating and brace yourselves for a sudden soggy cold snap tomorrow as temperatures are expected to drop below zero with some parts seeing torrential rain.

Most parts of the country including the South-east, Wales and the Midlands will see lows between -1 to 1C during Sunday night and early Monday morning.

After an unseasonably mild autumn, it is likely that - despite the slight dip in temperature and suggestions of jet streams bringing over prolonged freezing weather from North America and Russia - winter will actually be milder and wetter than average.

A severe weather warning issued by the Met Office states that those in the southeast of England, such as Greater London, Kent, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk should expect heavy rainfall and potential risks of flooding for most of tomorrow.


Rain will be persistent and locally heavy through much of Sunday, with more than 20mm expected in places. Residents of areas susceptible to flooding due to poor drainage are advised to keep sandbags and waterproof sheeting on hand.

The MetOffice said: "Falling on saturated ground, it is likely to cause some surface water flooding in places before clearing eastwards. The public should be aware of this hazard."

The heavy rain is expected to be caused by a wet weather front lingering around the southeast for most of the weekend until Monday morning, which will also see some frost and mist emerge from the cold snap.

Pipes are susceptible to bursting during sudden drops in temperature and it is advised to keep the property warm at all times with keeping the heating on a low level, or to fit lagging insulation.

The northeast and northwest of England will see a slightly warmer climate with averages of 2 - 3C.

Some parts of the south-west of England, the Northern Isles and the Channel Isles will see the highest temperatures in the country of around 4 - 6C.

- Independent