A New Zealand couple whose whereabouts are unaccounted for in Nepal are not believed to be near the avalanche-stricken Annapurna circuit.

Dozens of people were missing and 43 dead after a snow-storm swept the Annapurna circuit of the Himalayas and triggered avalanches this week.

An Mfat spokesperson said they had been advised the Craigs were trekking the Everest Base Camp route.

"This is a different location to the Annapurna trekking circuit which was impacted by the blizzard."


New Zealand's Honorary Consul in Nepal had been advised that there was no indication any New Zealanders were killed or injured as a result of the blizzards and avalanche.

However, Mfat will continue to work through enquiries regarding New Zealanders known to be trekking in Nepal.

"Given the communication difficulties in the area due to its isolation and terrain, this will take some time."

There are 78 New Zealanders registered with Mfat as being in Nepal.

Annapurna, about 8091m high, is the world's tenth-highest mountain.

The Annapurna circuit is a 205km, horseshoe-shaped trail popular with trekkers