The world is waiting as Scotland takes to the polls this week in a referendum to decide whether Scotland should remain part of the United Kingdom, or become independent.

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Some celebrities have weighed in on the issue:

Vote 'No'

1. Bob Geldof


According to

, Sir Bob Geldof participated in a Trafalgar Square rally on 15 September, arguing against Scottish Independence. As an Irishman, Geldof is not a part of the Union, but he has asked Scots not to "break it up" despite this.

2. J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter creator, JK Rowling, said independence might be "a historically bad mistake." And she meant it. The Edinburgh-based author has donated a million pounds to the "No" campaign.

3. Susan Boyle
Susan Boyle of Britain's got Talent fame says she is against independence because she's not sure changes would make the country any better. The Scottish singer told the Scottish Sun that "we have still been able to retain our proud identity whilst being a part of Britain."

Other celebrities who want Scotland to remain part of the Union include; David Beckham, David Tennant and Shrek (well, the voice of Mike Myers being Shrek.)

Vote 'Yes'

1. Sean Connery

A proud nationalist, Sir Connery has been quoted as saying the 'Yes' campaign "is rooted in inclusiveness, equality and that core democratic value that the people of Scotland are the best guardians of their own future."

2. Vivienne Westwood
The designer has urged for independence saying Scotland could be a model for future hope and development.


3. Irvine Welsh
Author of, among other things, Trainspotting, Irvine Walsh believes in an Independent Scotland, and has made impassioned pleas for independence.

Other celebrities who want an independent Scotland include; Robbie Coltrane, Gerard Butler and Alan Cumming.