A woman whose body was "too trim" has fallen foul of the "no gymtimidation" policy of America's fastest-growing health club franchise.

Tiffany Austin, who was recovering from a car accident, was told to put a shirt over her halter top after other users of the Planet Fitness gym in Richmond, California, complained.

The chain, which now has five million members, prides itself on what it describes as its "unique, hassle-free environment" — in fact it is so proud that it has registered its "Judgment Free Zone" as a trademark.

Austin's visibly trim midriff meant that she fell foul of the company's policy within minutes of getting on the treadmill.


"I felt intimidated and harassed by the place that says no intimidation," she said. She eventually decided to take her business elsewhere.

The California incident is the latest occasion in which Planet Fitness' attempt to appeal to Americans of all shapes and sizes appears to have stopped short of the super fit. Other well-chiselled individuals have complained of their treatment at the chain, which takes a dim view of grunting and other breaches of gym etiquette. The gym says it wants to make all users comfortable.