The Briton found guilty of murdering Kiwi Emily Longley wrote more than 25 letters from jail bragging about his flash lifestyle of 'Bentleys, champagne and birds'.

Elliot Turner, 20, was this morning found guilty of strangling the 17-year-old New Zealander in a jealous rage at his parents' home in Bournemouth.

In letters he sent from jail, he claimed he already had a book deal and would "make doe (sic) and drive a Lambo" when he was released.

Signing his letters "Big T", he said his father would throw a £9,000 party and buy him a Porsche if he was freed.


Talking about his film, he wrote: "I'm thinking the first film is how we met with all the fit birds, 2007, empire, Bentley, the flat, coke and ends with a scene of me leaving rehab expecting to change life to scenes of the trauma of Emily's funeral."

In another letter, he wrote: "In ten years, we'll have blonde stunning wives, nice cars, book will be a bestseller and the film will be out, boom." Turner said his wealth made it difficult for him to mix with other prisoners and complained about the lack of luxuries in jail.

He wrote: "Driving a Mini, jewellery shop and slick back hair wasn't the best option. I'm the only educated person who doesn't live in a hostel in this prison."

He made dozens of references to all the "fit birds" or "birdies" that he had slept with. He wrote: "I'm sorry I'm not there to party, **** fit birds, play our pranks".

He talked of moving house, writing: "We're leaving B'mouth, we've conquered it, drank it, smashed it, had the best ******* birds." But later he became increasingly incoherent. In one letter, he ends it: "I am Turner. Rehab. Prison. I conquer all, survivor being supreme."

- Daily Mail