A blind author who lost 26 pages of her novel because she did not realise her pen had run out has had her writing saved by police forensic experts in the United Kingdom.

Dorset woman Trish Vickers, 59, took up writing after losing her sight to diabetes complications seven years ago.

She believed she had written the first chapter of a new novel in long hand.

But when she asked her son to read back her work, she was devastated to find out her pen had run out of ink and all the pages were blank.


In desperation, the pair appealed to local police in Dorset for help recovering the work.

Staff in its fingerprint bureau spent five months revealing the missing words by shining a "crime light" on indentations left by Ms Vickers' pen strokes, the BBC reported.

A Dorset police spokesman told The Telegraph a member of staff had completed the work during her lunch hours.

Mrs Vickers said she was "over the moon" at the help given to her by police.

She intended to complete the novel, called Grannifer's Legacy, about a character called Jennifer whose life is torn apart by tragedy.

- Herald Online staff