A woman blown into a concrete wall after standing behind the jet engines of a departing aircraft has had her painful experience broadcast on the internet.

New footage posted on Youtube shows the woman and a man clinging to a fence at Maho Beach in Saint Martin as a Jet Blue plane takes off from the adjacent Princess Juliana International Airport.

The man is blown back onto the popular tourist beach within seconds.

However, the woman clings on for longer before being lifted off her feet and propelled face first into a low concrete wall.


About 500,000 people have viewed the video in four days. There was no report on whether the woman had sustained serious injuries.

Maho Beach is popular with plane spotters because of its position next to runway 10 at the Princess Juliana International Airport.

Local authorities warn standing too close to the jet blast of the incoming or departing aircraft can cause injury or death.

- Herald Online staff