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Drunken kiwis have shocked spectators at the world's biggest beer festival with a public booze session that involved drinking vomit and urine.

The behaviour happened during Oktoberfest in Munich, which finished this week.

A TV documentary also screened on German TV recently about New Zealanders and Australians getting hammered and behaving obnoxiously at the festival.

The Kiwis' behaviour, which disgusted some Germans, was performed by a group called the 100 Club.

The club engages in an annual drinking event which takes place in Munich to celebrate the end of a European road trip, known commonly as Van Tour.

Tim Russell, of Napier, who has been involved in Van Tour and 100 Club for the past three years, said it was an unorganised drinking trip around Europe for three months which ended at the beer festival.

"It involves drinking every night with a bit of sight-seeing thrown in during the day," he said.

About 40 people, both men and women, took part in 100 Club at Oktoberfest. Each had to drink a 35ml shot of beer every minute for 100 minutes.

They weren't allowed to wear underwear or have toilet breaks.

If a player vomits or urinates they have to drink it, or get someone else to, through a funnel or muddy gumboot.

If the rules are broken the judges create foul concoctions for the player to drink, which can include raw eggs, tuna, rotten bananas, pickled onions and chilli.

"[They drink] spew and piss but it's mainly water and beer, although I wouldn't condone it, that's for sure," Russell said.

"Faeces are not allowed as you can get really sick from it ... rumour has it someone got TB from it few years back. Other bodily fluids such as blood are also not allowed."

Russell said Australians and South Africans who lived in London also took part.

But German Nils Honerla, who studied in New Zealand in 2002, said the Kiwis' behaviour was "animal-like". The event was disgusting and typical of New Zealand drinking culture, he said. "I have never seen something comparable here."

* Judges can raid vans for disgusting food products to be consumed by participants.
* Drink concoctions are made and put into vessels called funnels or bongs.
* Judges can put anything in funnels (unless allergic).
* Judges can cover participants in flour and food.
* Participants must have their own vessel and shot glass (or equivalent).
* Participants must supply their own beer.
* Shots of beer are to be consumed every minute for 100 minutes.
* Judges keep time of each minute by smashing two pots together.
* If a participant uses the toilet, vomits or urinates they must drink a penalty funnel.
* If a participant is forced to drink a penalty funnel they are eliminated.
* Anyone wearing underwear will have it ripped off.
* No touching your face.
* No drinking with the right hand.
* No back chat.
* No arguing with the judges.
* Funnels can be given for any reason or no reason at all.
* Participants can get revenge on judges at the end (often by urinating on them).