A young gang member's crime spree including a violent carjacking, threats and a liquor store hold-up has ended with a prison sentence.

"Give me the money or I'll smash you," Bodine Tui said to a Black Bull Liquor Store worker in Waverley with his face covered by a sweatshirt and a cap.

The worker handed about $2000 in cash to Tui while an associate of his, a co-offender, helped himself to five boxes of 12-pack alcohol.

Tui, 23, then demanded tobacco and was given six packets of it by the fearful worker before leaving.


About four hours later, police searched Tui's address and when spoken to, he admitted his involvement.

Tui pleaded guilty to driving while disqualified third or subsequent, demanding with intent to steal and aggravated robbery in Whanganui District Court.

At a sentencing indication, Judge Philip Crayton said Tui also offended on March 3, 2018 when he sped behind a vehicle, flashing his headlights at it on SH3 outside of Patea.

"The defendant pulled in front of the complainant's vehicle and told him to 'move the **** over,'" Judge Crayton said.

"The defendant was wearing a gang patch. The defendant told the complainant, 'You passed my cuzzie on the way here, he didn't like that so he told me to take your car'."

The complainant accepted this, Tui took his key, then told him and his friends that he would cut their faces off if they went to the police.

Tui then pulled his middle finger up at the complainant, saying "Heil Mads", before driving away.

He was stopped on March 10 while driving the vehicle, telling police he purchased it from an unknown person on Facebook before being arrested.

"These types of offences are all too common, particularly in the Whanganui court area at the moment," Judge Crayton said.

"The demanding with menaces is akin to a standover. I am aware that it did not involve violence other than the implicit threat by the defendant's presence, his language, and his gang insignia."

Judge Crayton sentenced Tui to three years, four months and two weeks' imprisonment.

Tui was also disqualified from driving for one year.