A new Whanganui yoga studio plans to turn up the volume and the fun as it hosts the city's first vinyasa party this Wednesday.

The class will be set to lights with music being mixed live in studio.

Simone Grant started Tickle My Feet studio in February with a full timetable and said demand had been growing since.

But it is what she has planned for this Wednesday night's vinyasa class (a style of yoga popular in the West) which is unique.


Every three months the vinyasa class will turn into a party with backing music being mixed live on the decks.

"He'll just bring it to life really and we'll have a bit more fun. The music brings such an uplifting vibe," Mrs Grant said.

"I've only ever seen it at festivals. It's certainly something nice to offer people because music itself is a meditation.

"Being able to offer that as well as a yoga journey, which is not just the physical practice, we're trying to balance minds and spirits and everything else while we're here."

Kefir Company is sponsoring the yoga party with fermented coconut water and participants are asked to donate at least $10 with all proceeds going to Sustainable Whanganui.

"Sustainable Whanganui jumped out because its similar to what we're trying to do here in being more mindful and that whole ethos.

"We'll pick a charity each quarter. The plan is to every quarter turn it into a bit of a party to celebrate the growing community and just to give back."

About 15 have registered so far and Mrs Grant was hoping for 20-25.


Tickle My Feet aim to offer modern, welcoming yoga and it has proved popular with about 15 attending each class.

"It's only been seven weeks but classes are picking up. It's quite unusual for a yoga studio to grow that fast."

For more information or to register visit www.ticklemyfeet.co.nz

Simon and Simone Grant will be hosting the city's first vinyasa yoga party. Photo/ Stuart Munro
Simon and Simone Grant will be hosting the city's first vinyasa yoga party. Photo/ Stuart Munro