Five hoons on motorbikes evaded police again yesterday afternoon, taunting officers and causing further damage to the newly-upgraded McJorrow Park on Cameron Crescent.

Police Sergeant Ian Osland said Masterton East residents were out and "up in arms" as the teenagers sped through the park and surrounding streets yesterday at 2pm.

"These youths pretty much just ran amok on the East side streets and parks and we weren't in a position to stop them in a safe manner," he said.

"They actively failed to stop for the red and blue police lights and were able to disappear through tracks and paths.


"They've unfortunately left ripped-up grass at McJorrow park."

Multiple calls were made to police and Mr Osland said residents were "very frustrated, very annoyed, and they could see how futile it was for us, limited by roads".

"The thing is, the more the residents get wound up over it, the more likely this will escalate into something else, you know, beyond these kids just having a bit of fun on their motorbike.

"The last thing we want is for somebody to get injured."

Mr Osland said the hooning was occurring at all hours of the day, but was not sure if it coincided with school holidays.

"We've got a fair idea of who we probably need to be looking at but we've got to catch them on the bike on the road."

He said he would bring the new park damage to the council's attention which may "trigger a speedier response to the issue".

Council staff are meeting monthly with Mr Osland to identify ways to reduce crime through environmental design, such as better lighting, bollards or landscaping with large rocks.